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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Watching Disney!!!

I've forgotten how much I love this movie...Mulan! Well, here's my attempt at posting pictures, since I am a bit technologically unsavvy.

Copyright Disney 1998

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Weird Sistas

This is interesting.... Radiohead in HP, Goblet of Fire?


*Bengali in Platforms*

Revival of the Phoenix

It has been months and months since my last episode of blogging. Too much shit has happened in the past few hours, weeks, months, half year I just don't know where I should begin.

Truth be told, i wasn't going to ever post another blog ever again. The reason why I'm even back? My friends. They posed several questions to me, one which drove stubborn ol' me to post again: " For chrissake, ******, what is the purpose of this blogging thing? Why on earth would you ever want anyone to read your private thoughts online? What if your identity is compromised?

Well, truth be told, I realized don't give a shit.

Why blog. I don't know. I've always had a journal when I was a kid. Which was compromised several times. ;) Used to be a good writer. And want to get that skill back. A year ago, I was an avid hater of emails, of IMing, of any form of e-communication. I felt that it took the personal touch out of correspondances, I mean think about it, how many of you would rather get a cute hallmark card in the mail, along with a dozen real roses, as opposed a .JPEG file of them?! (side note, guys get a clue) How many of you would rather sit with a friend and have a cup of coffee rather than IM for hours and hours?! But maybe...maybe things like blogs, craigslists, friendster...maybe it actually brings people closer together rather than stay apart...maybe there is a thing to this "E-connection" thing after all.

Why blog? And why am I bloggin' the following right now?
My mind feels numb right now. My body too. Maybe it's because of what happened a couple of weeks ago. It's not a big deal, I keep telling myself, it happens to every girl, I tell myself. But I'm tired. I feel like giving up. OutrageousMinx (http://outrageousminx.blogspot.com) would kick my ass if she knew if I were thinking such self-defeating thoughts, but I feel beaten down by the frogs. As of now, the essence of ME is in self-imposed hibernation...not waiting for things to get "better per say" on the outside world, but waiting for an inner transformation. Am waiting out the storm, waiting to arise from the ashes, a fiery phoenix in its full-grown glory. ..I want to tell you the story of the three 'frogs,' but nows not a good time. Next post perhaps. For now, I want to share what I found on Craigslist on Sat. As I was perusing the wares, whilst being snowed in by the blizzard, I came upon this post, and it mirrors EXACTLY what am feeling at the moment. Mirrors everything I've always felt, but I never thought that an XY would feel the same way. In that one flash on my screen, I thought I had made an "e-connection" at last, an internet kindred spirit had appeared before my wary eyes, my hands poised above the keyboard to press "send," in seconds my message would land in his inbox and he would respond........

I never emailed him.

Once upon a time, I thought that work and career were the "hard"parts of life to figure out, and that the personal side of thingswould fall neatly and more or less automatically into place. Oops.This assumptionhas left me with a great career, along with myfamily(including my 2 younger siblings and my totally cool nephew),and all the friends I've gathered along the way. Which is kind of alot to have already, if you think about it. But, being a selfishglutton, now I want the rest of the perfect life. Living in NY,having a great job, friends and family, AND being in love. I love tocook, dance (swing and salsa, please), travel, go camping, to ballgames and to the theater. All things that are better WITH someone.It's no fun to open a fancy bottle of red wine and not have someoneto share it with. (Well, it's kind of fun, actually, but it's betterwith someone who appreciates it as much as you do.) Can't claim toknow exactly what I'm looking for, though it involves someone whounderstands that almost everything is funny in some way, who'sconvinced I'm slightly too good for her and who I suspect is slightlytoo good for me. I am by nature and training a lazy couch potato wholoves to spend a day reading or watching bad TV. However, I can quoteall sorts of reallybad 80s movies. I have a large DVD, CD, bookcollection, and it would be even bigger if I didn't keep drinking it.I like music. And photography, and painting. Now I just need someonewho makes me die laughing and wants to cook with me. My ideal matchlaughs. A lot. At herself as much as at anyone else. She's well readand intellectually curious, but just as curious about the Behind theMusic talking about the one-armed drummer in Def Leppard. She enjoystrying new things. She loves food and wine, and probably likescooking. She enjoys the outdoors, but probably isn't too obsessedwith sports. (OK, this point is flexible.) She loves movies, fromBest in Show to Rear Window to Kevin Smith movies to Casablanca to,of course, The Princess Bride. SHe's not scared to hold a guy's handin public. She has, and understands, a deadpan sense of humor, andsees the difference between making fun of people and being mean tothem. She hopes to find someone who's at least as smart as she is,and actively wants someone who's successful and has hid own life. Shegets that I treat her very well and spoil her, and that I do sobecause I expect her to do the same for me. She likes men who cantake care of themselves, and understands that just because he CANtake care of himrself doesn't mean he doesn't like it when she doesthings for him,too.Lastly, doing well at whatever she does is veryimportant to her,but work isn't the ONLY thing to her. Everyone is looking for the "BEST", the tallest, richest, handsome. Iam looking for the "RIGHT" person. The "right" person is the personwho will bring the best out of you. The key question I ask myself isin the presence of this special person is do I like myself more? Mymajor obstacle for finding the one is that I'm not interested indating. In other words, I can't imagine cycling through women afterwomen. Most dates in the past made me wish I'd just stayed home andwatched Jeopardy, and it takes a toll on a person's mind, body andspirit. I just want to met one person and have my first date lastforever. I am not a serial dater. An evening with me involves hotchocolate and great conversation. A relationship of kindness thatelevates the lives of people involved. Life's greatest test is howwell we love.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Londontown Hooplah...Part Two

Okay, so I wasn't going to write till tomorrow or possibly next week, but seeing as I found out some news that literally made me sick to my stomach just now (will inevitably see ex-boyfriend of four and a half f*$#ing years at this weekend's bengali cultural conference) I thought that it would be a good idea to write to keep occupied. Especially seeing that all friends are occupied with work, school etc, currently unavailable for outpouring of chai-baby angst. (really did get sick, threw up lunch contents, never happened before, plus palpitations. Sigh. wish wasnt such a softee.)

Anyways, so where was I? Oh yeah, so Thursday night ended on a sour note for the Brits, but what can you do if Beckam missed that penalty shot? If it wasnt for him pretty sure they wouldda won it. Oh and then we went to Maroush, an absolute delectable lebanese restaurant, forgot what dishes we had already, but it sure beats the indian food there, very flavourful!
Next day was spent at Oxford cIRcus doing the girl thing...shopping, and at night went to place called FIVE. Cool cool place. Upstairs I felt like I was at a house party, and downstairs felt like a regular club. Diverse mix of people. People in suits, the "beautiful people" as well as kids in jeans, quite varied. All 90s music however, nothing current. Came back at the wee hours. Felt bad for NormalGrl, she kept on giving up her bed for me and her sleeping on the couch, and I was too tired to argue, isn't NormalGrl a sweetie? mmm. Should have given her a better nic though, will think of better one later.

Saturday was what I was waiting for, taking NormalGrl to Green Street, which is like the Jackson heights of London. spent a good six hours rummaging through all the shops, NOrmal's eyes popping open over the colors, smells, and tastes... SHe is an absolute cutie, loves halwah and burfi (my kinda girl!!!) plus girlfriend's got a keen eye for shoes, of which there were many in green st. If ever you want to go, check out a place called KaDAM.

Encountered DEPLORABLE ATTITUDE at DAMINI'S. As my old scottish roomie puts it, "what a WENCH!" No wonder you girls can;t get a date, and have you no love for a fellow sista? URghgh. Don't feel like talking about it now, shall be in subsequent post, about SOUTH ASIANS, AMERICAN-BRED VERSUS BRITISH BRED. Needless to say you don't need to be a genius to see where my loyalties lie. Night time spent at soho, at several places including tokyo diner and AKBAR. Make sure you go and have a drink called RUBY there.

Sunday was my last day :(. Went to Camden Town. I didnt go through the street markets, too crowded. Although they did have these very funny Barnardesque T-shirts there that I wish I had as a Barnardite. Eh boys, am not a man-hater yet, shall not write out what those tshirts said.

Bleh. I really dont wanna drive down to Baltimore this weekend. Bleh. NO wanna see ex. Bleh. blah. bloo. But promised the little cuz. So have to. Sigh.

but no....blog, you did make ickle chai-babes feel a wee bit better...

will go have italian coffee and some Cadbury roses now to cheer up more...

Londontown Hooplah... Part One

So I just got back from my annual trip to London town... I had a fabulous time 5 days out of 7, and the other 2 days the city seemed to wear a bit thin on me, could not wait to get back to NY.

It started off last Tuesday, flew by Brit-Airways to Heathrow and then on to Paddington, from there crashed at a family member's house. Weird dynamics with family member and his wife. Needless to say, hardly felt very welcome at all! Which is strange and sad, since have always felt welcome with said family-member, he has always been the big brother I never had, as am only child. Sigh. Suppose there might be some marital problems brewing in the midst of eden?

Anyhoo, by Wed night was getting a bit pissed off at the whole situation and I caled up my friend from Columbia U., whom I shall call NormalGrl. NormalGrl was absolutley MARVELOUS!! She assured me I would be more than welcome to stay with her with full roomate approval, and I packed my little plastic bag and shot off to Paddington station as quick as my little brown legs could carry me.

Welcomed by both NormalGrl and her delightful roomate, my vacation finally began. That night went to a place called SALT. Very cool, good drinks, although buffalo wings could not possibly meet the standards of a new yorker, was very nice posh and pleasant place. Good job guys, if you're reading this! I must give this to the Brits though: their beer is far superior to the Piss that America drinks...bleh! (readers, you must try a place in london called Belgo to sample good variety of beers!)

That Thursday night was the big Euro Football Match between the Brits and the Portugese, and what a match it was!!! Brits scored within the 1st 3 minutes of the game and from then on was nailbiting match up until the penalty shots at the end. Well, was more nailbiting due to the fact that my fine friends were cheering for the opposing team, something you can only do at a posh place like Salt where the gentlemen go, otherwise we would have assuredly been beaten to a pulp at a regular pub. No, the "blokes" were a good bunch there and teased us , "You Americans are bad luck..." which was apparently so, as the Portugese won, but because it was lousy "bend it like Beckham"'s fault, not ours. HE SUCKS!!!

Do not understand Brit Dynamics, even though technically am a Brit. Well, was born a brit but came stateside when was very young, so yes that does make me 99%more american than brit, i suppose. See Brits on the surface during the hours of 7 (if they are awake at that hour) to 4 are so obnoxiously polite, reserved,(or should I say repressed?) That by the time happy hour surfaces, you can tell that all they want to do is burst. And burst they do, they go completely CraZY after just a few pints in them. They say whatever is on their mind, can be rough, obnoxious and abusive to a fault, as I encountered in a former visit to England, where being drunk was a conduit for a couple of them to be openly racist to me and my friends!!!! Silly, actually never have seen that kind of behaviour with grown adult men and women--- only have seen that a couple of times when I was peeling off young freshmen from the West End's floors, and even that was tamer. Sorry Brits, but I tell it how it is, us brooklyn girls have a tendency to do that.

Anyways, more later on trip Hooplah Part two, (though at a much later time, rotations are starting once more :*(

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

And so It Begins...

Hellluuuuu internet!

Although I swore off posting any kind of personal information on the www , my friends with their brave new blogs served as an inspiration to me to write down my random rants and ravings and to share them with the web. Plus as unfortunate as it is, it seems as if my brain is no longer connected to my pen/pencil when it comes to writing down my thoughts. No longer can I scribble away down on paper(as evidenced by the multitude of half-finished pretty journals gathering dust in my bedroom)-- instead, said brain is now, it seems, permanently hard-wired to the keyboard for transferrence of ideas.

So who am I and what am doing here? It is enough to say the following for now: Me. 27 years old. Single. (had to put the single bit in there- hey you never know who's reading!) South-Asian American girlie surviving in big old beau-ti-ful yet crazy NYC. Brooklyn to be precise. Am a paradox in disquise. Someone who is quiet at first when you first meet her, but who, upon establishing a connection, a friendship, whatever, becomes instantly zany, a crazy kookie spunky klutz that my friends all know me to be. Have been known to spend a record ten hours on the phone without bathroom break or food! A lover of chocolate and wine, tipsy karaoke with best friends, singing Shakira on the commute to school (both in car and on subway, much to the horror of other riders.) Am a big fan of the comma, and the ... I love ...-ing. You'll see me use the "," and "..." everywhere and occasionally the dash "-" despite getting my liberal arts training, and despite the countless consultations with "Strunk and White..."

Well okay, the other reason for my current state of deplorable grammar, punctuation and use of run-on sentences is because ... all the literary genius has been sapped out of me...because....am med student. yes, yes, Cannot hide the fact, eventually will get out anyway. Speaking of which, how come there's no "medicine" under the blogster occupation thingamagigee? Anyways, is the reason for attempt at blogging. Maybe it will save whatever scrap of creative spark that I had once upon a time a loooooong ass time ago.

Anyways, is getting late, must catch my zzzzs, shall write about my fabulous trip to london in next log.